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Lenin Avenue, 45/2
2-комнатная квартира
Ленинский район
Площадь: 43 м2
Этаж: 2 из 5
2 300 руб. за сутки
2 000 руб. за ночь
333 руб. за час
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Дополнительная информация

One hour before the arrival of the throw (step by step) free on how to get to the station .

Real photos.

I guarantee you, I clean myself.

Balcony there is.

Double bed, sofa, cot, bathroom, shower, cable TV , wi-fi, microwave, Hairdryer, iron, dishes, Parking at home, Windows in the yard. In the yard shop Spar. (products)

I'll tell you about the sights, and how to get to them.

If the apartment is not suitable or not arranged in the process of living always help to find another in the same area, for the same price. The center of Leninsky district, Lenin Avenue, the territorial center of the city , the metro station Zarechnaya, at the house stop the Administration of Leninsky district , where 20 taxis stop , all the ends of the city direct.

To the Kremlin, to the historic center, to the theaters, museums can be reached by metro-4 stops.

To the railway station 5 km, 3 metro stops.

From the railway station, bus station and the Kremlin on the subway 3-4 stops to the metro stop Zarechnaya , or by taxi to the stop of the Administration of Leninsky district. From the stop to the house on foot 2 minutes. The stop is at the house 45. From the airport there is a direct route № 46

Условия аренды

• Check-in to the apartment is carried out in the presence of a passport. A residential lease agreement is drawn up, and an act of acceptance and transfer of the apartment and keys is signed.

• A full inspection of the apartment and its functionality is carried out together with you for its unhindered further use.

* Payment at the time of check-in for the entire period of stay (exceptions are possible for long-term stays) .

It is very easy and convenient to book an apartment. Free reservations can be made via an online request or verbally by phone. Pre-paid reservations are subject to special conditions (late check-in, etc
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