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Проспект Ленина, 40
1-комнатная квартира
Ленинский район
Площадь: 31 м2
Этаж: 1 из 5
1 500 руб. за сутки
1 300 руб. за ночь
250 руб. за час
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Дополнительная информация

In Nizhny Novgorod, on Lenin Ave. , at the metro station "Zarechnaya" rent one-room apartment from the owner-for hours, days, weeks, month.

Double bed and sofa, bathroom, shower, cable TV, WI-FI, washing machine. automatic car, microwave, linen, towels, paid Parking at the house. Repair, cleanliness, reporting documents.

Rent for 2-7 hours from 700-1500 rubles.

Check-in hours after 19 hours-paid as per night.

Day -from morning to evening 1400R.

Night-1400 rubles.

Day -1300-1600 rubles.

From 3 days to 1500 rubles.

The price may be higher on days of high demand, public holidays, and new year.

proprietress-Natalie Dumina

Условия аренды

• Check-in to the apartment is carried out in the presence of a passport. A residential lease agreement is drawn up, and an act of acceptance and transfer of the apartment and keys is signed.

• A full inspection of the apartment and its functionality is carried out together with you for its unhindered further use.

* Payment at the time of check-in for the entire period of stay (exceptions are possible for long-term stays) .

It is very easy and convenient to book an apartment. Free reservations can be made via an online request or verbally by phone. Pre-paid reservations are subject to special conditions (late check-in, etc

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